Lake Loretta gator makes another appearance

Lake Loretta gator makes another appearance
James Finkelstein, Concerned Resident (Source:WALB)
James Finkelstein, Concerned Resident (Source:WALB)
Drew Zellner, DNR Wildlife Biologist (Source:WALB)
Drew Zellner, DNR Wildlife Biologist (Source:WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An alligator makes a return appearance at an Albany lake popular with walkers.The Department of Natural Resources has no plans to try to remove the gator and says folks should leave it alone.

A viewer snapped a picture of a gator at Lake Loretta. Resident James Finkelstein saw the gator on Sunday.

"He was cruising around right off by the little island that's up by Covenant Church," said James Finkelstein.

It could be the same gator that appeared late last year, exciting many people and worrying others.  Finkelstein wants to know how it got in the lake.

"You've got houses all around there," said Finkelstein. "There's literally no body of water."

DNR officials say the gator hasn't posed any dangers, and they don't plan on removing it.

"The people who own Lake Loretta and are responsible for its management see no reason to do anything with it," said Drew Zellner, Wildlife Biologist.

Which leaves some concerns for Finkelstein

"You've got tons of small children there they are throwing bread to the birds and what not," said Finkelstein. "You've got people that live right around the lake."

Zellner is encouraging people around the lake just to leave the gator alone.

"Just stay away from it let it have it space," said Zellner. "It doesn't want anything to do with people."

Finkelstein has come across a few alligators in South Georgia lately and Zellner says this is the time of year they are active.

"It takes for the warm weather to get here and the sun to warm up their metabolism enough to where they become active and so now is the time of year when they're becoming active and starting to move out and sort of finding their own place in the world," said Zellner.

DNR officials say don't feed the gator so it won't associate people with food.

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