Editorial: 24/7 weather replaced by GRIT Network

Editorial: 24/7 weather replaced by GRIT Network

For more than a decade WALB has provided a 24/7 Weather Channel, carried on Mediacom's channel 26.

In its' day, it was state of the art technology and we of course regret we can no longer provide this channel.

The company that supplies the equipment and maintenance of that equipment has gone out of business.

We were always limited to reaching only Mediacom cable subscribers with that service.

Now over 50 percent of area TV viewers use DISH or Direct TV satellite.

So last week we replaced the weather channel on Mediacom channel 26 with the GRIT network, a movie channel featuring westerns and action movies.

We are sorry for this inconvenience, but we are making the most of a situation beyond our control.

The good news is, the technology is now available for us to provide even more detailed weather information to everyone's home computer, your tablet, and even your cell phone.

Our new weather app, news and sports app, offer far superior information available at your fingertips, and not dependent on your TV reception.

You can watch the entire live news program, selected stories, and extended weather coverage when needed.

In the event of severe weather, your power may go out, your tablet or cell phone can be carried with you to the safe room in your house, so you can stay informed.

We encourage everyone to download these free apps today, and take advantage of important information when you may need it the most.

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