MCLB will join the solar age

MCLB will join the solar age

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Albany Marine Corps Logistics Base is prepared to 'go solar.'  It's an innovative project that will give the base more energy security

Trucks filled with solar panels arrive at the Marine Corps Logistics Base, where a 150 acre solar generation facility will be built.

Making the Base energy secure is important to the Marine's mission.

MCLB Albany Base Commanding Officer Colonel James C. Carroll III said "We believe energy is critical to the sustainment of our ability to project a presence forward in all that we do to sustain our forces worldwide.  Energy is that critical to us."

The base is leasing the property to Georgia Power, which will build one of the state's largest solar plants with the potential generation capacity of 44 megawatts direct current, enough power to run the entire base in an emergency.

Base Chief Engineer Fred Broome said "More than enough. The base demands around 10 to 12 megawatts, so it will be three times the peak load for the base."

But the power from the solar facility will not go straight to the base except for emergency. Normally it will be pumped into Georgia Power's grid to supply added energy to all South Georgia.

Broome said "It's completely renewable. And again Georgia Power will not only install this, but own and operate it. But we will be the beneficiary again if there is ever a time of a regional power outage."

Gas from the landfill and  the bio mass steam generator being built at Proctor and Gamble will all be part of the Base becoming NetZero using local renewable sources for energy.

Clearing of the 150 acres starts this month, installing the solar panels will start this summer. And the solar facility is scheduled to go on line in December.

This solar facility will be the fifth project between the Southern Company and the Department of Defense, and the second with the Department of the Navy.

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