Where can I get some Masters merchandise?

Where can I get some Masters merchandise?
Just part of the line to get into the pro shop (WALB photo)
Just part of the line to get into the pro shop (WALB photo)
Patrons wait to shop (WALB photo)
Patrons wait to shop (WALB photo)

AUGUSTA, GA (WALB) - You may recognize the iconic Masters logos on hats and shirts around town this week.

Did you know that you can only get that gear at the Masters?

If you've ever been to Augusta, you know the course is the place to be. But at 8:30 in the morning, the golf shop is the place to be. The lines are enormous. People waiting on their T-shirts, their hats, their flags.

"We're never going to be here again. We're from Canada so the chances that we'll be able to come back are on in a million," said as patron from north of the border.

"18 years we've been trying for this lottery. And we finally win it. My brother said if I don't come home with a hat he's going to kill me," said  another patron .

"Hats, shoe bags, tops, flag, then we got mugs, basically everything that the shop has."

"Well I bought an umbrella for myself. I got some beach towels, pull over jacket, of course a Tervis tumbler."

"We got towels, tops, shoe bags, umbrellas. $1,400 worth," said a patron.

"You never buy for just yourself. Is that for friends and family?"

"[I buy for] friends and family;  $680 worth," said a patron.

Patrons 16 and under get a reserved up close look at their favorites.

Defending champ and world number 2 Jordan Spieth signed every item placed in front of him.

"Jordan Spieth signed every autograph for every kid or adult so it was really cool. Gets him to be able to see them in person which is a lot different than watching on TV," said patron Ken Zinkhand.

So here you have it. People walking out a little emptier in the pockets, but with bags full of Masters Swag. I guess I'm going to hop in line and see if I can't maybe get me a shirt, hat, a flag. Anybody want something? Reach out to me.

The festivities will continue on Wednesday with another practice round and the annual par 3 challenge that always proves to be a fun event.

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