FBI wants info when scammers call

FBI wants info when scammers call
Sr. Resident Agent Robert Mathews (WALB photo)
Sr. Resident Agent Robert Mathews (WALB photo)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The FBI says they are concerned by a wave of recent phone scam crimes in South Georgia. Scammers are claiming to be federal agents, demanding money.
Now the FBI is starting an on line effort to try to stop these crimes.

The FBI has set up a national data base on scammers, and they want your help gathering information on these crooks; so they can hopefully track and arrest them.

The FBI says they are hearing daily from dozens of  Georgians receiving scam calls where they claim to be FBI, IRS , of U.S. Marshals.
The scammers claim the person owes the government money, and threaten arrest if they don't send money immediately.

They can 'fake' government agency numbers, so it appears legitimate. Now the FBI is asking you get names, phone numbers, and information from the callers.

"Gather as much information as they can, and then provide that to us, so we then are able to gather all of the phone calls that we have coming in.  And try to piece together who these individuals are, and ultimately get those folks arrested," said Sr. Resident Agent Robert Mathews.     

Agent Mathews says these crooks are convincing, so the main thing is never send anyone on the phone claiming to represent the Federal Government money through fast payment. 

If you have any doubts about a caller claiming to be an official threatening arrest, hang up and call the agency directly from the phone number in your phone book, to make sure you are talking to the right people.

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