Lake Loretta gator is back

Lake Loretta gator is back

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Last October, folks who live near Lake Loretta, in the heart of northwest Albany, told WALB an alligator may be hiding in the waters.

Looks like they were right, and looks like he (or she) is back.

Callers to WALB on Tuesday say people are seeing a gator near the Methodist Church, hiding in underbrush.

Last year, Resident Mike Everett was able to snap a photo of the gator in the lake from a distance.

Now we have another picture that shows the same sort of image.

"It was a carp that had been basically torn in half," said Rob Peavy in October of 2015. "You could the flesh hanging out of it. It was still alive but I was just thinking to myself, what could have done this? A huge turtle maybe, but in all probability an alligator."

No specific gator disturbances were reported, other than the fish.

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