Concerns over Dougherty County traffic crash increases

Concerns over Dougherty County traffic crash increases

DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB) - Dougherty County Police Captain Jason Hager said "We've seen an increase in traffic accidents this year"

.Already this year two people have died in Dougherty County traffic crashes, and several other people have been seriously injured.  Dougherty County Police are stepping up an effort to try to prevent more of these frightening statistics.

Dougherty County Police say the increase in traffic crashes they have seen so far in 2016 is frightening, and they want to prevent more.
Already in 2016 Dougherty County Police have seen 125 crashes in the county.  That is a big increase over the 87 crashes during the same period last year. There were two deaths in both years in the same time period, but serious injuries are also higher so far this year.

They believe speed and distracted driving are responsible for some of the increase.
Dougherty County Police Sgt. Sharif Fulcher said "Everything from the Blue Tooth, with the music system. The video and the cell phones.  It's creating a bad mix out here on the roadways."

Albany Police crash statistics show there has been 1284 total crashes so far in the first 3 months of this year, compared to 3692 all of last year.  There have been 328 crash injuries so far this year, compared to 850 all of last year.

Statewide there have been 314 traffic related deaths so far this year, which has decreased from 356 over the same period last year.
So Dougherty County Police are stepping up efforts because of the increase they are seeing.
Hager said "We are going to step up patrons. Doing random road checks and stepping up patrols. Traffic enforcement, and speeding."

Dougherty County Police want you to stay safe, so they urge you to put down the cell phones and give your full attention to your driving.  They don't want to add your name to these statistics.

Driving under the influence is another concern for Dougherty County Police, both alcohol and drug intoxication.  They are stepping up efforts to cut back on DUI drivers as well.
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