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Clinch Co. assesses tornado damage

Clinch Co. residents assess storm damage (Source: WALB) Clinch Co. residents assess storm damage (Source: WALB)
Clinch Co. residents assess storm damage (Source: WALB) Clinch Co. residents assess storm damage (Source: WALB)
Judy Crosby (Source: WALB) Judy Crosby (Source: WALB)
Ronnie Crosby (Source: WALB) Ronnie Crosby (Source: WALB)
Porter Vickers (Source: WALB) Porter Vickers (Source: WALB)

Residents in Clinch County are continuing to clean up after Friday's storms caused some major damage.

The National Weather Service confirmed a category one tornado touched down near the Atkinson Co. line.

Residents were at Guest Millpond, the area that was hit the hardest, picking up the pieces.

"You had to be in one to know what everybody talking about, but I don't want to be in another one," said Judy Crosby.

Ronnie and Judy Crosby had been living on Guest Millpond for almost 13 years, but they said they'd never experienced anything like the storms on Friday afternoon.

"I have never seen anything do so much damage, to be so quick," said Judy Crosby.

"Didn't have time to be scared," Ronnie Crosby.

The quick storm brought with it strong winds, toppling trees and snapping them in half, bringing the branches just inches away from their house.

"These [are] some mighty big trees, so you know it was some mighty big wind," said Judy Crosby.

The mighty big wind, of a confirmed category one tornado, paved a path even more evident several miles down the road.

"You hear about stuff getting drove in the dirt, I don't know how deep that is, but that's pretty deep," said Porter Vickers.

Vickers was in the front room with his stepson when the storm hit.

The winds claimed the roof of the house. Though the inside is now soaked in water, the house still stands.

"And the guy that come out here and look, said probably what kept the house from blowing away, was these windows was open, which helped with the pressure," said Vickers.

Now the area begins the long process to clean up the mess.

"Several several several several months, several months to get all this cleaned up," said Judy Crosby.

Both families are just glad everyone is okay.

"We realize how lucky we [were] when it happened, and we made it through it," said Vickers.

"It doesn't matter if it's a watch or a warning, clean you out a closet, get with your youngins, get with your family and make safe preparations," said Judy Crosby.

They are also warning others to be prepared for when the next big storm rolls through.

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