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Increasing fuel prices hit South Georgia businesses in wallet

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Gas and diesel fuel prices have risen to a state average of two dollars a gallon in recent days.  South Georgia businesses say those rising prices are a concern. 

Almost every business owner we spoke with said that their profit line is  very thin, so the extra pennies paid  for fuel are hitting them in the wallet.Most of the yard equipment that Richard Spencer's landscaping business uses everyday runs on gasoline.  So the increasing price at the pump concerns him.
Spencer said "We struggle enough. Gas prices does make it tougher."

Quality Wrecker has 13 diesel engine wreckers that stay on the road much of the day and night. Managers say the price of fuel effects every business,large or small.
Quality Wrecker General Manager Andy Lawton said " There has been man small businesses that have gone out of business because of not being able to keep up with pricing of the diesel fuel.  And maintaining their prices so they can make money."

These business owners remember when fuel was more than $3 a gallon, so they are concerned as they watch the price of fuel increasing again.
Spencer said "We watch it desperately. Because that's just directly out of our pocket. "
Lawton said "When diesel prices fluctuate as it does, it's incredible to your bottom line."

A few years ago when fuel prices were at their peak , both businesses had to charge fuel surcharges. They have dropped those since the fuel prices fell, and they hope price increases don't make them start charging them again.

In the last month the cost of a gallon of gas in South Georgia has increased an average of 36 cents.
Spencer said it's hard for businesses like his to raise prices on their service as gas prices go up, so they just have to absorb the cost hikes.

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