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Georgia and Florida evacuation routes & info

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Many state highways in Georgia can be used when Interstates are closed.

For more information concerning preparedness and the issuance of evacuation orders, please contact your local county emergency management agency.

Hurricane season is June 1st to November 30th.

Georgia is impacted by tropical systems from the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. During a hurricane, wind gusts exceeding 74 mph and torrential rain can cause damage to Georgia's shoreline. The direct hit of a hurricane also can cause a storm surge, a large dome of water more than 50 miles wide that sweeps across the coastline near the area where the eye of a hurricane makes landfall.

Georgia Gulf Coast hurricane evacuation routes

Georgia Atlantic Coast hurricane evacuation routes

Storm surge remains the greatest threat to human life, but effective evacuations have reduced the number of fatalities. The six coastal counties at highest risk of evacuation because of storm surge are Bryan, Camden, Chatham, Glynn, Liberty and McIntosh.

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For Florida, the Florida Emergency Information Line (FEIL) is a toll-free hotline activated at the time of an emergency to provide an additional resource for those in Florida to receive accurate and up-to-date information regarding an emergency or disaster situation impacting the State of Florida.

Florida hurricane evacuation routes

The FEIL hotline is: 1-800-342-3557.

The FEIL hotline is only operational during an emergency event; at all other times, a recorded message with general information about the hotline is available.

During an emergency, the FEIL hotline is operational daily at set hours depending on the severity of the event. Please stay tuned to your local officials and/or visit during an emergency event for exact hours of operation.

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