Albany officials discover illegal dumping

Albany officials discover illegal dumping
(WALB photo)
(WALB photo)

A relative of Albany City Commissioner Jon Howard  saw this pile of roofing materials being dumped near the 300 block of Ebony Lane near the Flint River. When he went to investigate, Howard found the problem was much bigger
Howard said "I was shocked. Of course you see boats, you see household items, you see shingles, and you see a lot of stuff that really should go to the landfill."

Over a couple of acres there is evidence of multiple dumping by several people and businesses. Officials say illegal dumping is a huge crime and health issue  in Albany.
 Chief Code Enforcement Officer Robert Carter said "Throughout the city. Every, every alley that they think people are not watching.  Every makeshift roadway, wooded area, this is a common occurrence."

Officials did find a bank statement with a name in one of the garbage bags, so that could lead to at least one of the dumpers.
 Howard said "So what code enforcement is going to do, go back and run that through the tax office and Water, Gas, and Light and see can they catch that person."

Officials estimated it will cost $700 for county workers to clean this area...and of course the taxpayers will pick up that bill.
Howard said "It's just a thorn in the side that folks will do it, rather than just try to help us beautify the city and the county."

City officials say more than likely the dumpers hauled this debris in with trucks and trailers. So they are asking neighbors to keep watch for them, and report them.

Albany Code Enforcement says if you see illegal dumping, try to get a tag number and maybe even pictures.  Call 3-1-1 and report illegal dumping

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