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Missing dog returns home after being found in Atlanta

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Life is back to normal for the Meeks and their dog Ringo tonight.  Sunday, the couple realized their husky was missing.

"Our hearts just dropped. We felt like it couldn't be true," Bess Meeks, Ringo's owner, said.

Meeks said Ringo jumped the backyard fence and was picked up by a young couple headed to Atlanta.

"My prayers were, if we can't get Ringo back, please, Lord, put him in a home that takes care of him," Jerry Meeks, Bess' husband, said.

Two days later, Meeks said Ringo was found by a man in Atlanta, who checked whether the dog had microchip I.D. 

Ringo didn't have one, but the man searched Facebook and found a post about the husky from the Meeks.  The rescuer met the Sylvester couple in Macon to see if it was their dog.   

"Ringo of course started kissing him and he opened his mouth and there was his chipped tooth," Meeks said. 

Meeks said she doesn't want to depend on Ringo's dental records if he gets loose again. So, she's getting him a microchip I.D. That's something veterinarians say pays off.  

"My pets are micro-chipped," Steve Whatley, a veterinarian at Bush Animal Clinic in Albany, said. "You never know when they go missing and the collar comes off. You hope somebody finds them and takes them to a place where they can get scanned." 

Whatley said a chip costs around $50 to $100. 

"Some people chose to do it when their pets are already under anesthesia, but it's done very quickly," Whatley said. "They really don't know it's happened to them."

Whatley said the chips are only for identification, but GPS collars can be used to track a pet on the move.    

But, after his long journey, it doesn't look like Ringo will be going anywhere soon.

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