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Choose your tax preparer wisely, watch out for hidden fees

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It's tax season, and the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office warns South Georgians to pick your tax preparer carefully.

Investigators say they've had several complaints about outrageous charges for tax preparation. 

Sheriff's Investigators say when you hire someone to prepare your taxes, watch out for hidden fees.

Dougherty County Sheriff's Office Investigators say in recent weeks they have had complaints of outrageous charges by tax preparers.

"We’ve seen them where they added up to a thousand dollars or more to do their taxes," says Capt. Craig Dodd, with the Dougherty County Sheriff’s Office.
Dodd said people need to check out the price for tax preparation. 

And make double sure about any hidden fees from preparers making you sign a contract, tied to your refund.

"They have to sign this contract that shows at least a half a dozen charges, adding up to sometimes as much as a third of the tax return," says Capt. Dodd.
Investigators have not filed charges against any tax preparers. But they want to send a warning to beware of fly by night operations offering huge refunds.

"Go to someone who is established.  With a reputation for doing a good job on your taxes.  You don't want to go to somebody that is a fly by night," he says.
And don't sign any tax form until you have double checked it for errors. Never sign a blank form and leave it for the preparer.

Because you are responsible for your tax return. The Dougherty County Sheriff urges you to use good judgment this tax season.

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