Former Lee Co. manager files lawsuit

Former Lee Co. manager files lawsuit
(Source: WALB)

Lee County's former manager, who was fired in November, is suing the county for breach of contract.

Ron Rabun worked as Lee County's manager for two years.

Commissioners abruptly fired him in November, citing "repeated gross abuses of Lee County ordinances" and "a failure to follow directions".

Rabun filed suit, claiming the County broke his employment contract and violated state and federal due process. 

Commissioner Billy Mathis says he can't comment on the litigation, but says the search for a new manager is ongoing.

“We originally got 20 applications, and we have gone through all of those.  We are now looking for some more, and we have hired the Carl Vinson Institute with University of Georgia to assist with the search," says Lee County Commissioner Billy Mathis.

Commission Chairman Rick Muggridge told us the "county will vigorously defend themselves".

The County Attorney says "the county denies they are liable for anything to Mr. Rabun with respect to this lawsuit."

Rabun is seeking attorney's fees, but no other financial damages were mentioned in the lawsuit.

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