Senator Isakson visits Valdosta

Senator Isakson visits Valdosta

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Senator Johnny Isakson is making his way around Georgia and stopped in Valdosta today.

While in the city he spoke with leaders about elections and current needs for the community.

His visit comes just a day after Governor Nathan Deal vetoed the "religious liberties bill."

Governor Deal's decision has received mixed reviews from state lawmakers. Senator Isakson told WALB he stands by the Governor's decision.

"You ought to have a seamless standard across all 50 states, not just one standard in Georgia and another standard somewhere else. I think the governor did the right thing. That ought to be handled at the federal level not at the state level," explains Senator Isakson.

His visit also comes just weeks after Donald Trump held a rally in Valdosta. Isakson says he's never seen anything like this presidential race.

"A large vote for Bernie Sanders and a large vote for Donald Trump is a reflection of people wanting something new. They don't want the old timers in charge and they've established they want some change made. So you're going to see one of the most exciting elections in the history of our country," explains Senator Isakson.

He will leave Valdosta and head to Savannah March 30th.

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