Army specialist drives from Kansas to surprise Fitzgerald family

Army specialist drives from Kansas to surprise Fitzgerald family
Josh King (WALB photo)
Josh King (WALB photo)
The King family (WALB photo)
The King family (WALB photo)

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - A Fitzgerald family is happy to have their serviceman home, after a surprise visit this weekend.

Army Specialist Joshua King drove all the way from his base in Kansas to surprise his family, with an emotional night at the Olive Garden in Tifton.

"It was definitely a surprise," said mother Shelia King.

As the King and Wolfe families settled in for a quick dinner, Shelia King was hoping her Army son would show up.

"All of a sudden Micah came in. I thought, 'well Josh ain't coming, evidently.' And I was getting depressed," said King.

What she didn't know was that Micah had actually set up a surprise visit, and her son was just behind the wall.

It all started due to the late notice Josh King got on his leave. "I found out kind of late so I figured I'd take advantage of that and try to make it a big surprise for everybody," said Specialist Josh King.

Micah and Josh immediately started planning the surprise and decided that Olive Garden would make a good place.

The crew at the restaurant helped out. "It was just a very emotional and touching scene I guess you'd say," said cousin Micah Wolfe.

"It was a little bit more emotional for everyone than I was expecting I guess," said Josh King.

"And I talked to him on the phone and text him every once in a while but it's not like having him here. So I can talk to him face to face and hug him when I want to and enjoy his company," said Shelia King.

The next week will be spent enjoying each other's company until King heads back to base in Kansas and prepares for an overseas deployment.

"It's been a year since I've seen him. Love him, miss him, and I'm glad he's home for a few days," said Wolfe.

So don't expect hugs like this to end anytime soon.

"I'm proud of him. Very much. He's my life," said Shelia King.

Josh says he anticipates going to Afghanistan or South Korea on his next deployment.

He hopes to enjoy a career in the engineering field after his service days are up.

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