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South Ga. reacts after attack on Brussels

(Source: WALB) (Source: WALB)
Shayla Williams (Source: WALB) Shayla Williams (Source: WALB)

The world is reacting after there were two explosions in Brussels on Tuesday.

One was at an airport and the other was at a subway station.

For those looking for a way to find out if friends or family are safe in Brussels, Facebook can help.

Facebook “safety check” allows users to post for themselves or others and let people know they are safe.

One ASU professor said it came in handy when he was in Paris during the first attacks.

“I found it extremely helpful and a lot of my friends and family in the US knowing that I was okay when I was over there,” says ASU professor Joel Johnson.

Johnson said he was relieved to see his friends, who live in Europe, checked in on Facebook, and are safe.

And flights took off normal and nothing was delayed at Southwest Georgia's regional airport after the attack.

WALB spoke with some people who live close by and were there to watch one plane take off today. One woman said she got delayed once in Brussels where the attacks happened.

"I was in a layover going to Rowanda and had no choice but to explore Brussels and to think I was on that same system that was attacked," said Albany resident Shayla Williams.

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