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Park shooting shocks Pineview residents

Pineview city park (Source: WALB) Pineview city park (Source: WALB)
The shooting happened during a basketball game (Source: WALB) The shooting happened during a basketball game (Source: WALB)
Resident Michelle Nash (Source: WALB) Resident Michelle Nash (Source: WALB)
Josh Snelgrove (Source: WALB) Josh Snelgrove (Source: WALB)
Mayor Hollan Wilson (Source: WALB) Mayor Hollan Wilson (Source: WALB)

One man is in jail---charged with shooting two men during a basketball game at a park in the small town of Pineview.

Sheriff's investigators have not released the names of that suspect or the two victims. Family members of the two victims said they are recovering.

People in Pineview are shocked that this happened. The community rarely sees violence.

Witnesses said it was another normal day at the public park.

"It was a real good day. Everybody was having fun," said Josh Snelgrove.

Dozens of people were playing basketball, but things changed in a hurry.

Witnesses said a fight erupted nearby, and a man started shooting. Two people were hit.

"I couldn't believe my ears. Couldn't honestly believe anybody shot somebody out here," said Snelgrove.

"This is such a small town. I'm surprised to hear anything like that happened," said Michelle Nash.

Clearly folks in the one light town are taken by surprise. The mayor said it's the first shooting he can remember since the 60's.

"It's sad for the community. We don't condone anything like this here. We're a God fearing community," said Mayor Hollan Wilson.

The city has put money into renovating the park for the residents, but the mayor doesn't want things like this happening anymore.

"The park is down there for them to use and have fun, not the violence that's been going on and everything like that," said Wilson.

Investigators interviewed the shooter, but it's still unclear what led to the gunfire.

"I pray to God that everything is going to work out and nothing like this will ever happen again," said Wilson.       

A witness said one of the victims was shot multiple times and airlifted to Macon where he remains in the hospital.

We will update the story when we get more information from authorities.

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