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Valdosta realtors spend the day touring classrooms


It's a question realtors answer every day,  'what school district is this home in?' And that's why the Valdosta City School System is showing them everything it has to offer.

Packets filled with information on Valdosta City Schools and their plans for the future,  were given to realtors Tuesday morning.

They toured an elementary, middle, and high school in the Valdosta city schools district. It gives realtors an opportunity to see firsthand what the schools are like.

"It really starts with real estate agents. They're the ones that are selling the property in our school zones," said Jennifer Steedley, Valdosta City Schools Public Relations.

18 realtors toured three different schools and heard from students and staff members. "It benefits a realtor to be informed and know what the local school system is up to and what the new progress is on our local school system so we can better inform our clients and better assist them in making a choice or selection of a home,"  said Valdosta Board of Realtors President  Dora Lee Smith. 

With many people turning to the internet to learn about schools, Valdosta hopes this tour helps realtors better explain what programs are going on in each of their schools.

"We want to make sure that what they are reading out there is truthful, that it's honest, and that it is a true reflection of what we have going on in our school district," said Steedley.

Realtors say learning about the progress in the schools is helpful, but the event also provides a great opportunity to network.

"It definitely helps to meet the people involved in the school system so that we can maybe even introduce them to individuals in the school system," said Smith.  "It allows me to do my job better."

Valdosta City Schools will continue to conduct these tours every few months, and every few months they will go to different schools.

They hope the number of realtors at each event will continue to grow.

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