Dozens evacuated after smoke at Albany High

Dozens evacuated after smoke at Albany High
Checking for problems (WALB)
Checking for problems (WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - It's still unclear what caused smoke to appear in a classroom at Albany High School on Friday afternoon, forcing about 50 students to evacuate.

Students were evacuated after some gray smoke was seen inside a classroom.

It happened in room 2102, where the emergency services pathway classes are taught. The evacuation ensued because the teacher and students smelled smoke and started feeling sick.

One teacher said she was in the middle of class when everything happened around 1 p.m. She quickly got her students out of the classroom. Firefighters came to check the building but found no fire. Maintenance workers also came in to take a look.

Albany High teacher Melinda Suber says they checked wiring and some other things. Maintenance workers also came in to take a look.

"I started feeling a little funny, and I couldn't hardly catch my breath. Then I looked and I saw some gray smoke so we quickly evacuated everybody else. Some of the students were saying the same thing too. But everybody is fine because we all got back out in the fresh air," said Suber.

Officials said smoke was visible from outside the school.

The fire department came out and checked wiring. Staff is now taking a look at everything.

The students moved to different classrooms for the remainder of the day. Teachers expect to be able to return to their normal classrooms on Monday.

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