WALB STUDENT-ATHLETE OF THE WEEK (03/16/16): Cairo's Sapp hitting the mark

WALB STUDENT-ATHLETE OF THE WEEK (03/16/16): Cairo's Sapp hitting the mark

CAIRO, GA (WALB) - It isn't very often Carson Sapp doesn't hit his target.

The 16 year old from Cairo continues to show he is one of the world's best young archers.

He's already claimed one USA Archery national title.

Just last week, Sapp finished fifth at the World Championships in Turkey. This weekend, he'll be in Louisville, KY competing for a National Field Archery Association title.

"It'd be a big step forward for me," he admits. "I've never won this many at this consistent level."

With credentials like that, it's hard to believe the young man just began competing in high level tournaments two years ago.

But ever since he picked it up, Sapp and his bow have been inseparable.

"Sometimes I think he'd rather shoot than eat," his dad, Chris, laughs. "We generally don't have to prod him to practice. He's either in the back yard practicing, or at one of the 4-h ranges practicing, indoor or outdoor, or he's in his room shooting at a blank bale."

Sapp takes around 100 shots daily. He says that preparation has gotten him to this level, and given him the confidence to dream big.

"Eventually they will add compound to the Olympics. Right now, it's just recurve," he explains. "They're working towards getting that in the Olympics. Eventually, that will be my end goal."

For now though, the high school sophomore will continue to put in the work, knowing eventually he'll hit that ultimate target.

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