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Moultrie officers will use new body cams

New body cams arrive for MPD (Source: WALB) New body cams arrive for MPD (Source: WALB)
Cpl. Shavarye Anderson (Source: WALB) Cpl. Shavarye Anderson (Source: WALB)
Chief Lang (Source: WALB) Chief Lang (Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB) (Source: WALB)

Moultrie police officers are sporting new equipment that will hold citizens, and officers, accountable.  The department just purchased new body cameras, thanks to funds from a recent safety grant. 

Moultrie officers say they've had instances in the past when citizens' stories of what happened didn't exactly coincide with what was reported by the officer.
So the chief says, with these new and improved cameras, the truth will play out-- on video.  

With one touch, every move and sound is now recorded on camera. "It takes that mystery portion of it out and you can actually see what I see and hear what I heard," said Corporal Shavarye Anderson.

These new body cameras are replacing older cameras used by the department.

"I do enjoy wearing it.  It's very easy to operate, and I haven't had any problems with it at all," said Anderson.

Corporal Anderson says these new cameras are a step up from the department's older cameras. He said they better fit the lifestyles of officers with new features such as night vision and a pre-recording setting.  

"If you want to save a recording or go back to pick up a recording, I simply hit this green button, it goes back 20 minutes and it starts recording from there." 

Chief Frank Lang says the new cameras, funded by a $6,000 safety grant from the Georgia Municipal Association, will hold officers and citizens accountable for their actions. "There's always the question of transparency.  The video recorders, they don't lie. They depict what actually happens."

Chief Lang says each officer must upload the video recorded after his or her shift ends. He also says these grants are extremely helpful to small departments like Moultrie.

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