Editorial: ASU and Darton merger moving forward

Editorial: ASU and Darton merger moving forward

The entire community is talking about the consolidation of Albany State and Darton, so we would like to hear your opinions.

We are huge supporters of consolidation and that's why we have lobbied for years to consolidate the governments of Albany and Dougherty County.

We know we are much stronger if we act together as one body, and speak with one united voice.

We were all surprised to suddenly hear about the consolidation of ASU and Darton.

Any city would love to have a large local university like Valdosta State or Columbus State.

It means thousands of young people living and spending in our local economy, and when they graduate, hopefully staying to live and work here as local citizens and taxpayers.

The main negative we hear most is, if this is a consolidation of the two schools, why the name Albany State University?

If it had a new name like South Georgia University, the first impression in the community would not have been that Darton was being taken over by Albany State.

That being said, we hope everyone will see past this less-than-ideal first impression, and fully support our new consolidated university.

This is another major milestone in Albany's history and an opportunity to maximize our growth in the future.

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