Editorial: Community support for Theatre Albany

Editorial: Community support for Theatre Albany

Theatre Albany has been an institution in southwest Georgia for over 80 years. It is the oldest art form in town.

Performances include dramas, comedies and your favorite musicals.

But this may be the theatre's final season.

Funds are dwindling, subscriptions are down, attendance is low, volunteers have stopped volunteering and the physical building at 514 Pine Ave. is under severe disrepair.

What is the reason behind all of this?

Well, these are too many to mention but the question should be what is the solution for keeping Theatre Albany vibrant.

When people and industries move in to a town they want to know about schools and the arts.

If Albany no longer provides a theatre, the entire community suffers.

The solutions are several.

First we need more volunteers of every age, civic groups used to man the box office, there were 30 plus board members, now there are only 12 to 15.

We used to have a major event to begin our annual subscription drive. This has disappeared.

Local industries and institutions used to donate time and money and sponsorships. This is now nonexistent.

Now we have just a few individuals who thankfully love the theatre and what it offers to southwest Georgia, without them, we may have closed years ago.

And those that volunteer now, actors, backstage crew and some board members are vital. However, they cannot do it all by themselves.

More young people need to get involved, more experienced people need to get involved, more companies need to get involved.

The theatre needs new blood, without your support it will vanish. This would be a tragedy.

Banks and Shane are performing this Friday at 8 at the theatre.  Tickets are $25 and there will be a cash bar.

So call the theatre at (229) 439-7193,  let them know you want to keep this art form in Albany. Let them know you want to be a part of the 2016 - 2017 subscription drive. And that you want to help with fundraisers, you want to act, be behind the scenes, join the board.

Talk to you civic club and see how you can help Theatre Albany grow and again be a vital part of southwest Georgia that we can all be proud of.

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