Albany gets its first taste of the Firebirds

Albany gets its first taste of the Firebirds
Darrien Teals, Co-owner of the Firebirds (Source: WALB)
Darrien Teals, Co-owner of the Firebirds (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Firebirds took to the turf of the for their first home game in the good life city Wednesday night. Fans flooded the Albany Civic Center with high hopes for their new football team.

One Monroe High School was ecstatic to be able to support his older brother who's on the team.

"I just love the game of football," said Larry Whitefield. "That's my sport and that's my passion. It just feels good. It feels great."

Even those who don't have blood ties share some of the same passion because it's a team Albany can call its own.

"It's really exciting to have a team from Albany," said Dougherty high student Tiara Smith. "You know, come out and play, have something creative to do after school."

This exhibition game was free with the donation of a canned good. The Firebirds hope to produce an entertaining product that will bring the city out to home games on Saturdays.

"I've been in Albany all day today," said Firebirds Co-owner Darrien Teals. "And everywhere I've went they were talking about coming to the game tonight. And some people were even talking about canceling bible study to come to this Georgia firebirds game tonight. So the buzz in the city is awesome."

"The key is to support," said Whitefield. "When you support your team and support your players on the team,  that gives them the drive to do better."

As for the environment and entertainment value. Expectations were met.

"Overall it's good," said Smith. "Go Firebirds!"

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