Merry Acres owner says security is a top priority

Merry Acres owner says security is a top priority
Erin Andrew's 55 million dollar award in her lawsuit against a hotel where a stalker recorded nude video of her highlights the importance of hotel security.

In Albany, Merry Acres owner Bo Henry says they take security very seriously.?
Every night they have an off-duty police officer on site. They also have a good security system.

He says if they have any politicians stay at Merry Acres, they add extra security measures.

In my opinion security is the best insurance you can buy. Of course we have insurance also, but we would rather stop the problem before we have to use something like that. We would rather be there, and do our part in stopping the problem and keeping our people safe, says Bo Henry, Co-Owner of Merry Acres.

They also have two other employees on hand who help with security needs.

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