Where are the most recalled GA cars that haven't been fixed?

Where are the most recalled GA cars that haven't been fixed?

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - More than 1.4 million vehicles that people are driving, buying or selling in Georgia have at least one unfixed safety recall, according to Carfax.

"Many people in Georgia still are unnecessarily risking their lives by not staying informed or taking action when their vehicle is under a recall," said Larry Gamache, communications director at Carfax. "Millions of vehicles will likely be recalled this year, adding to the ones already with outstanding airbag recalls, ignition switch recalls, electrical system recalls and more. There's still much hard work to be done, but resources like myCarfax are helping people find and fix more recalls."

While approximately one out of every five vehicles in Georgia is affected, Carfax has identified ten places in the state where you're most likely to find unfixed recalls:

City                              Est. % of vehicles

Columbus                    19%
Augusta                       19%
Savannah                    18%
Lawrenceville              18%
Macon                         18%
Decatur                       17%
Marietta                       17%
Atlanta                         17%
Cumming                    16%
Alpharetta                   16%

Find the full lists for every state plus more information about open recalls HERE.

To help Georgians stay informed about recalls on their vehicles, Carfax offers myCarfax that continuously monitors for recalls and other maintenance needs.

After downloading the free myCarfax app or visiting www.mycarfax.com, car owners simply enter their license plate, a feature unique to myCarfax, or VIN to get started. You can instantly find out about current open recalls on your specific vehicles and get alerts whenever new recalls are issued for them.

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