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ABAC students experience "drunk driving"

Drunk driving simulator (Source: WALB) Drunk driving simulator (Source: WALB)
Tyler Tant (Source: WALB) Tyler Tant (Source: WALB)
The goggles show you a .08 BAC (Source: WALB) The goggles show you a .08 BAC (Source: WALB)
Troopers did field sobriety tests (Source: WALB) Troopers did field sobriety tests (Source: WALB)
Hunter Lord (Source: WALB) Hunter Lord (Source: WALB)

ABAC students got a first-hand look at how dangerous drunk driving can be at a fraternity event on campus.

The Kappa Sigma fraternity hosts the event every year right before spring break. They invited local law enforcement agencies to campus to show students just how important it is to be sober and pay attention.

It's odd to hear a law enforcement officer tell you to break the law, as they did in the driving simulator, but it was to teach a lesson.

Cones represented people, and goggles show you what driving with a .08 blood level looks like. Students had to drive a golf cart with the intoxication goggles through a course while sending a text.

The results weren't good for Hunter Lord.

"It had me texting and driving drunk, and I hit like 8 people," said Lord.

The simulator was one of several ways to show the dangers of drinking and driving. Troopers also walked students through field sobriety tests with “drunk goggles.”

Drug officers explained the dangers of driving while on drugs.

It was all part of a "My Brother's Keeper" event put on by Kappa Sigma at ABAC.

"I hope they get out of it how bad driving drunk really is. It's a huge factor. It's a huge problem that students I really don't think realize," said Kappa Sigma member Tyler Tant.

Local and state law enforcers participated in the three hour event. They hope it raises critical awareness right before students leave for spring break.

"Drive safely. Whatever you're going to do, if you're going to drink, stay from behind the wheel of a vehicle," said Trooper Ryan Harding.

"We want students to be aware of the dangers that come from drinking and driving, texting and driving, and also not wearing a seatbelt," said Tifton police Sergeant Ferron Yi.

That's exactly the impact the event had on Lord.

"It'll open your eyes not to drink and drive," said Lord.

In addition to the simulators and booths, students also signed a pledge at the event not to drink and drive.

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