Editorial: Snickers Marathon

Editorial: Snickers Marathon

This weekend, Albany will host the 10th annual Snickers Marathon and Half Marathon.

The event is one of the top 10 Boston Marathon Qualifiers in the country.

With that, comes responsibility.

Not only should we be proud to host such an event, we should take the time to support it.

We have an obligation to serve as great hosts to the more than 1,300 runners and their families and friends.

But we also have an obligation to show them why Albany is a great place to visit and live, so they'll want to keep coming back.

We all need to take on the task of supporting our city and the events that we have.

With that said, we highly encourage you to get out the door Saturday morning and either run the race yourself, serve as a volunteer, or simply cheer for those participating.

Good luck runners, and welcome to Albany.

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