School board responds after civil lawsuit dropped in teen death

School board responds after civil lawsuit dropped in teen death

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - The Lowndes County Board of Education issued a response to the family of Kendrick Johnson Wednesday, after the family dropped a $100 million wrongful death lawsuit against it.

Johnson was found dead inside a rolled up gym mat by classmates at Lowndes High School in January 2013. Sheriff's investigators concluded it was a freak accident.

The case against the Board of Education claimed the board did not properly investigate an altercation between Johnson and a classmate in 2009.

The Board of Education's lawyer, Warren Turner, issued this statement:

Lowndes County School District Superintendent Wes Taylor is gratified that the Johnsons have seen fit to dismiss their meritless case against him. It is apparent that the dismissal was filed by the Johnsons to avoid the court granting all of the defendants' motions for summary judgment, which would have ended the case in Mr. Taylor's favor.  Although many frivolous allegations were made, when the Johnsons were put under oath and pointedly asked to present any evidence of Mr. Taylor's wrongdoing, they were unable to come forward with a single shred of any, and in fact, admitted that they had none.  Mr. Taylor is now exploring his legal options, including petitioning the court to order the Johnsons and their attorney be responsible for the legal fees and cost in defending this baseless lawsuit.

A federal investigation into the death has been open for more than two years.

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