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Albany Police join student in safe walks home

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Albany Police worked with students this week, to make sure their walk to and from school was safe.

Wednesday was Georgia Safe Routes to School Day.  

Police Officers walked home with students to make sure they understand safety rules.

Kids are in a rush to head home when school gets out and for the students, it is one of their most dangerous times of the day.

Turner Elementary School 4th Grade Teacher Leann McGalliard said "There is a lot of them and of course they are all really hyper to be out of school and excited, so they are all running."

That's why Albany Police taught lessons to the students this week, how to walk safely to school and home.  

Police urged students to think about their surroundings, and to not get distracted.

Albany Police Corporal Marita Williams said "Other distractions like playing on your phone, playing with toys, anything that is going to keep them distracted from just walking straight forward across the street and out of harm's way."

Fourth grader Ernesha Harvey and her friends remembered the lessons from the cops.

Police and teachers also urged drivers to think about all of the kids when school's like Turner Elementary are being dismissed, because those areas get very busy.

"Majority of the kids walk home, because it's a neighborhood school. Because there is a lot of them that walk. All different directions from the school," said McGalliard.

Police taught students the importance of walking safely, because an innocent mistake could lead to a fatal crash. And everyone wants to make sure the kids get home from school safely.

The Safe Routes to School Program is a statewide effort, aimed at educating students on safety. 

You can learn more about that program here.

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