Business owner, girlfriend arrested in $100,000 fraud case

Business owner, girlfriend arrested in $100,000 fraud case
(Source: State Board of Workers' Compensation)
(Source: State Board of Workers' Compensation)

DAWSON, GA (WALB) - Authorities say a business owner and his girlfriend have been arrested in connection to a multi-county fraud investigation.

Lamar Bryant, 53, and Jennifer Lemons, 47 were arrested Wednesday.

Bryant was charged with two felony counts of insurance fraud, one count of first degree forgery and one count of failing to provide workers' compensation insurance for his employees.

Lemons was charged with one count of felony insurance fraud.

According to a report, Bryant is the owner of Bryant Tree Service in Dawson.

Investigators suspect Bryant defrauded insurance companies out of more than $100,000 in workers' compensation premiums.

Prosecutors said he and Lemons conspired to give false and misleading information to an insurance agent in 2014 while purchasing workers' compensation insurance coverage.

In the report, they said Lemons claimed to be the owner of the business, when Bryant was actually the owner.

Authorities are asking for any contractor or homeowner in the Southwest Georgia area who has received a certificate of workers' compensation insurance coverage from Bryant or Bryant Tree Service to verify that coverage is valid.

Those who believe they may be affected can check using the State Board's website at

If coverage cannot be verified, affected persons are asked to contact the State Board of Workers' Compensation's Enforcement Division at (404) 657-7285 or (800) 533-0682.

All other lines of insurance coverage such as auto, home or general liability should be verified directly with the insurance carrier.

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