Editorial: Replacing Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

Editorial: Replacing Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

Our Country lost a great legal mind and jurist this month.

Antonin Scalia will leave an indelible mark on American jurisprudence and how the Supreme Court oral arguments are conducted.

Inappropriately, within an hour of his death becoming known, partisan politics was at play.

The Constitution of this great country calls for the President to nominate and the Senate to confirm Justices to the Supreme Court.

And yet even before the impact of this loss had been absorbed, the Senate majority leader proclaimed that the Senate would not confirm anyone that President Obama nominated.

The Republican Presidential candidates were all quick to join in and echo their approval before Justice Scalia was even laid to rest.

I had the privilege of knowing Justice Scalia and it is clear that he, a strict constructionist of the Constitution, would want any President in office, Democrat or Republican, to fulfill his or her role according to the Constitution and nominate a Justice to fill his vacancy.

Our Country is great because it is founded on freedom and democracy.  It will remain great if we continue to adhere to our founding principals, and not just when it is helpful politically.

President Obama should nominate someone to fill Justice Scalia's seat and the Senate should do it's Constitutionally mandated job of vetting that person and confirming them should he or she fulfill the requirements, not the politics, of the position.

It's what the Constitution sets forth, it's what we as Americans deserve, and it's what Justice Scalia would expect.

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