Student protesters asked to leave Trump rally

Student protesters asked to leave Trump rally

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - More than two dozen college students said they were asked to leave a Donald Trump rally in Valdosta Monday before his speech began.

The students said they attend Valdosta State University.

The Trump rally was considered a private event on the campus, officials said.

"I think we got kicked out because we're a group of black people... they're afraid we're going to say something or do something. But we just really wanted to watch the rally," a student said while wiping away tears in a video posted by USA Today.

"We got asked by security to leave the premises. We were confused on why we were leaving the premises because not only were we just standing there listening," said Tremaine Genias, who was one of the students escorted out of the rally. "We hadn't done nothing."

But Valdosta Police Chief Brian Childress said the students were being disruptive and using profanity at the event.

In a written statement, he said the removal of the students was not racially motivated at all.

There [have] been allegations that this was racially motivated which is offensive. Early on law enforcement was advised that the Trump Campaign rented the entire complex which means he and his staff have a legal right to decide who can enter and stay on the premises at the time of the event. The young group would have been allowed to remain at the Rally so long as they had not been disruptive. When I arrived at the complex and inquired as to why the group was asked to leave the property, I spoke with several people to include law enforcement who confirmed the group was using profanity and being disruptive. Further, once the group refused to leave the event, they could have been arrested for Criminal Trespass under Georgia Law. They could have also been arrested for Disorderly Conduct based on their actions inside the PE Complex. However, no one was arrested and the group was provided an alternate location away from the complex where they could express their 1st Amendment Rights. In fact, no one was arrested during the rally which was our goal. But to claim they were asked to leave the event over race is total nonsense and inappropriate. They were ejected from the event based on their own actions.

More video from the event showed the students among throngs of supporters inside the venue.

Requests for comment form Valdosta State University and Donald Trump's campaign were not immediately returned.

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