Donald Trump rallies in Valdosta

Donald Trump rallies in Valdosta
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VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Donald Trump brought what he hopes will be a winning message to south Georgia voters Monday night.

"We are gonna win with health. We are going to win with education. We're gonna win at the borders. We're gonna win with our military. We're gonna win, win, win, win," said Trump.

The Republican frontrunner held his final campaign rally the day before the crucial Super Tuesday primaries in Valdosta.

Trump made a grand entrance to a packed house at the Valdosta State University PE complex, urging south Georgians to help give him a Super Tuesday sweep.

"Tomorrow's a big day, and I want Georgia, I want you to lead the pack. We're gonna have a lot of success," said Trump.

Trump pumped up a new national poll that shows him higher than ever and rapidly gaining steam.

"Trump 49%, little lightweight Marco Rubio 16%," said the Republican frontrunner who discussed now familiar themes, including his plan to build a wall on the US and Mexico border. "By the way, who's gonna pay for the wall? Mexico. 100 percent, 100 percent."

Trump made lots of promises without many specifics on how he would accomplish them.

"We're gonna save your Social Security without making any cuts. Mark my words," explained Trump.

Enthusiastic supporters didn't seem to have come to the rally for detailed policy talk. But they certainly did respond when Trump touted his support for the second amendment and Christianity and Trump's opposition to the Affordable Care Act, "we're gonna get rid of ObamaCare very, very much. Right?"

Trump was the only presidential candidate to appear at a campaign rally in our area ahead of Tuesday's vote.

More than 7,500 people were inside the arena, with several thousand more listening through speakers outside.

Many of those who made it in, waited for hours for the doors to open to make sure they got a seat.

After the rally, some of them said that hearing directly from Trump only solidified their support for him.

"It was uplifting, it made me feel great. I'm looking forward to something different in our lives and I think Donald Trump is going to make a change," said Elaine Rife, a Trump supporter.

"He said he's always been greedy, greedy, greedy for money for himself and now we've got to be greedy, greedy, greedy for money for our country! So that we can have middle class again and so that teachers like me can make more money and not be on the low end of the pay scale," said Trump supporter Jonnie Clark.

There were many supporters at the rally, but not everyone there was a fan of Trump.

"Whether you're voting republican or whether you're voting on the democratic side, we can protest, we can scream, yell, do all the things that we want to say, but it really comes down to voting. That's the most important part and we want to make sure people know that there's a movement of love that's encouraging them to vote against hate," said Bernie Sanders supporter Elliot Lepe.

Along with this event, there were also two other areas designated for peaceful protest.

The rally will be his final one before voters go to the polls in 11 states on Tuesday.

Trump is expected to do well and rack up lots of delegates toward the republican nomination.

View as the doors open ahead of the event

Time lapse of the lines outside of the rally

3 hours out - the line from outside

More of the line outside the venue at Valdosta State University

View of the stage from the media area

View of the media area as photographers set up equipment

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