Mission change founders endure another house fire

Mission change founders endure another house fire
LaDonna Urick
LaDonna Urick
The Urick's home on Hanover street caught fire last month.
The Urick's home on Hanover street caught fire last month.

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - For many homeowners, it's hard to imagine going through one house fire in your lifetime.

But going through two, in one month's time, is almost unthinkable.

That's what happened to one Albany family.

"We were like, 'This is so crazy,'" said LaDonna Urick.

A truly crazy month it has been for the Urick family.

Just one month ago, Mission Change founders LaDonna and Todd Urick's home was destroyed in a fire, due to an electrical short.

"You're sad, but you know your'e going to get through it," said LaDonna, "But it's devastating. But you find out that you have more strength than you thought you could through stuff like this."

That strength is what's getting LaDonna and her family through yet another fire that happened at their temporary home.

"We scheduled our internet to be put in and everything," she said. "And as they were doing that, they hit one of the electrical wires going into the house and so that wall actually caught fire and we had to start that process all over again."

She said flashbacks from the devastation of her first house fire took over, but with the help of neighbors and the Albany Fire Department, she said this incident had a much better outcome.

"We have good days and bad days, but we're looking into the future, and we know it's going to be positive, but it's just going to take time," said LaDonna.

Friends started a fundraising page for the family after the first fire.

LaDonna said as Mission Change founders, she and her husband are used to being the ones who give.

But now, they're forever grateful for the support they've received from others.

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