Officials confirm tornadoes near Sasser

Officials confirm tornadoes near Sasser
Billy McClung
Billy McClung
Clara Clemmons
Clara Clemmons

TERRELL CO., GA (WALB) - Early Friday, the National Weather Service confirmed the third tornado. After surveying damage, experts say a twister hit southwest of Sasser, cutting a five mile path.

The twister has been classified as an EF1 tornado with winds as high as 90 miles per hour. It touched down and traveled 5.1 miles in Terrell County.

Residents were told early Wednesday morning to take cover, as a tornado warning was issued for the Sasser area.

Wreckage on Bobby Locke Road outside Sasser was filmed a few hours after daybreak Wednesday morning, and before the National Weather Service confirmed the storm system that caused it was an EF1 tornado.

"I was watching y'alls channel and keeping up with what was hitting where," said EMA Director Billy McClung "And, I saw they had a tornado warning south of Dawson."

A tornado cut a five mile path down nearly the entire length of Bobby Locke Road.

"Of course, once it got daylight they could see the trees off to the side of the road that were twisted," said McClung.

Amazingly, with many homes located in the area, only one tree fell on a carport on Sasser Heard Road, and it didn't even make a dent.

"I've never seen destruction from a tornado except on television," said Clara Clemmons.

This same storm system crossed into Lee County and formed a tornado that was on the ground for just two tenths of a mile. It ripped the roof off Clemmons' home on Gray Moss Road.

"Well, we just kinda salvage what we can salvage, just gonna leave the rest," said Clemmons.

Much isn't salvagable from this brief tornado, but she is still thankful she was not home when it hit.

"I said I was coming home and then I changed my mind and I didn't come home and I am really glad I didn't," said Clemmons.

Clips from the Sasser tornado site was filmed hours after the storm hit.

You can check out the tornado footage on Melissa's Facebook page here.

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