Law enforcement gives counterfeit money warning

Law enforcement gives counterfeit money warning
Captain Craig Dodd
Captain Craig Dodd
District Attorney Greg Edwards
District Attorney Greg Edwards

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Dougherty County Sheriff's Office sounded a warning about counterfeit bills on Friday. Two men were indicted this week for passing counterfeit bills.

Law enforcers say you should check bills when you get them to make sure they're legit. Investigators say they are seeing more counterfeit bills, especially larger denominations like 20's and 100's.

You want to be on your guard, so you don't won't to get stuck with phony money.

"But you don't have the ghost. See you should have a ghost of Jackson here," said Dougherty County Sheriff's Office Captain Craig Dodd.

Captain Dodd showed the counterfeit $20 bill they picked up this week. An unsuspecting person tried to use it to pay at the tag office.

Investigators say they are seeing an increase of counterfeit bills.

"They won't have the gold embossing on the lower right hand corner of the $20. It won't feel like a $20 bill. It will feel like paper. But the printing is good," said Captain Dodd.

According to a Dougherty County Police report, several counterfeit bills were passed at the Fast Lane Convenience store in East Albany over the weekend.

On Wednesday, the grand jury indicted Rossano McKeiver and David Wooden on a combined 30 counts of forgery.

Prosecutors say they passed dozens of $100 bills in November 2015.

All of the phony bills had the same serial number, so they were made by the same counterfeiter.

"Counterfeiting is now something that can be accomplished with technology that is kind of readily available," said Dougherty District Attorney Greg Edwards.

That is why Dougherty County law enforcement is sending out the warning.

You can distinguish a legitimate bill from a counterfeit one by just holding it up to the light, and knowing what to look for.

"Check the money. That should be a standard practice," said Edwards.

Investigators say those phony bills are out there being passed right now, and you don't want one to end up in your wallet.

It's not hard to check your money to see if it's legit or not. You just have to know how.

Not checking for counterfeit bills could cost you $20 in an instant.

You can see all the tips on how to identify real and fake currency by clicking here.

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