Editorial: Bringing casinos to Ga.

Editorial: Bringing casinos to Ga.

Georgia state lawmakers are proposing a constitutional amendment they say could produce almost half a billion dollars of revenue for higher education.

If passed, the bill would put casino gambling to a vote by the people.

The bill allows for six casinos to be built in five geographically organized regions in Georgia.

According to the bill, all of the revenue will go towards education.

All can agree that an immediate and dramatic improvement is needed in public education.

We will not agree to an increase in our taxes, so this is an obvious solution.

We believe that in addition to sending more students to college, casino gambling would bring in badly needed jobs, and tourism from neighboring states.

"It would create in just in one casino in Atlanta, 10,000 permanent jobs. It can have between 1-2 billion dollars in investment," said Representative Ron Stephens.

A study released by the California State Library shows Casinos not only brings in more jobs, but showed that tourists coming in from out of town, tend to spend more time and money in that region.

The same study shows that the smaller the region, the more likely it would benefit from gambling.

So maybe putting a casino in a smaller community like Albany could be more beneficial than putting it in Atlanta or Savannah as proposed by the bill.

Wherever they're built, the state of Georgia and its residents stand to win, when it comes to legalizing casino gambling.

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