Editorial: 'Religious Liberty' Bill

Editorial: 'Religious Liberty' Bill

A dangerous proposal masquerading as "religious liberty" is winding its way through the Georgia Legislature.

House Bill 757 would allow faith-based organizations and individuals to opt out of serving couples, gay or straight, if they cite a sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction regarding marriage.

This legislation that passed the Georgia Senate on Friday will allow opponents of same-sex marriage to deny services to gay couples.

Governor Deal made clear the measure is still evolving, and that he is working with House Speaker David Ralston and other legislative leaders on changes to the legislation, which still must pass the House before it lands on Deal's desk.

Ralston later said that lawmakers have heard concerns from film industry executives and others that the legislation will cost Georgia jobs

The Atlanta Chamber circulated a letter to lawmakers warning that this measure, threatens "Georgia's strong brand as the premier home for talented workers, growing businesses, and a thriving travel and tourism industry."

The AJC reported that critics are raising a new red flag that includes a warning from those in the entertainment industry that Georgia's careful cultivation of the film industry may be about to leave the state because of this.

Religious liberty is already guaranteed in our constitution and needs no clarification from this narrow-minded legislation.

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