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Lee home destroyed by high winds

Gregory William (WALB) Gregory William (WALB)
Clara Clemmons (WALB) Clara Clemmons (WALB)

A possible tornado hit in eastern Lee County, surprising residents with the force of the winds. Two homes along Gray Moss Road were destroyed by a likely tornado.

Our First Alert Meteorologists notified viewers of a tornado warning in the area, and the National Weather Service is now investigating whether a tornado indeed formed there, sometime between one and two in the morning.

The damage from the winds was severe, and totally ripped apart the homes. Winds tore off the roof of this brick home on Gray Moss Road.

"I had surgery on my shoulder and I have been staying with the children so they can help me so that's the reason I wasn't here," said Clara Clemmons. "You know everything, just about everything is soaked."

Across the street from Ms. Clemmons, most everything life-long resident Gregory Williams has thrown around, ripped apart.

"I was down in the bed and I heard all this wind coming and started shaking and shook the whole house it ain't never shook like that before. "My TV, what I had in there it came in the bed with me," said Gregory William.

EMA Director James Howell said, "Preliminary, from what we see now, part of it looks like from straight line winds, but as it came across the street it looks like it picked up some rotation in it cause we see debris from the roof in numerous locations."

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