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Grady Countians feel blessed to be alive after monster storm

Ricky Pearson (WALB) Ricky Pearson (WALB)
Evelyn Robertson (WALB) Evelyn Robertson (WALB)

People in Grady County are in recovery mode, after strong storms barreled through early Wednesday morning. National Weather Service representatives told the Grady County Fire Chief they believe the damage was caused by an EF 0 or EF1 tornado.

Crews hard at work today, cleaning up what's left from last night's tornado. "Me and my wife aren't normally up at 3:00, but we were," said Ricky Pearson. "And you could hear, it sounded like a train coming. And then it died off for just a minute. And when it started a second time, me and her looked at each other and said, 'This is a tornado.'

The tornado's track ran 12 miles long  starting south of Whigham, traveling north to Cairo. Ricky Pearson  owner of Pearson Stump Removal  says he's prepared to be busy the next couple days. "There's no telling. The phone's been ringing since early this morning," said Pearson.

That's because this yard looks very similar to others along Highway 111. This twisted pine was one of several trees that fell on Evelyn Robertson's land. "I heard something but I didn't know what it was. So I went back to sleep," Evelyn Robertson said.

While she was sleeping, officials said the tornado appears to have skipped up and down not leaving a constant path of damage. "I didn't have any lights. Then I got to getting up and looking around and I had seen the trees down," Evelyn Robertson said.

But with power soon to be fully restored  and her house untouched   Robertson says she's thankful she and her dog Sandy made it safely through the storm.

Fortunately there were no reports of injuries or deaths. Grady County schools will be back open Thursday morning.

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