Grady family is thankful a twister didn't kill them

Grady family is thankful a twister didn't kill them
We got lucky; we got lucky," said Tommy Cook
We got lucky; we got lucky," said Tommy Cook
Georgia State Patrol Sgt. Tommy Peeples
Georgia State Patrol Sgt. Tommy Peeples

GRADY COUNTY, GA (WALB) - A frightened family sought shelter inside a mobile home, when it was picked up and slammed down by a violent storm overnight.

A mobile home on Belcher Circle in Whigham is right in the middle of an area hit by a radar detected tornado that roared through Grady County.

Dozens of trees are down in the neighborhood and several homes were affected. "We got lucky; we got lucky," said Tommy Cook, as he stared at the huge base of a tree that is now resting on his mobile home.

The storm started with rain and wind. "It was just raining really hard and then all of sudden, bam, it hit," said Cook.

Blinding rain fell and strong winds howled just outside the front door. "Really coming down. You couldn't even see out the windows it was raining so hard," said Cook.

But what happens next literally shook his world. "I was right here at the door." Fierce winds picked up the trailer and moved it about two feet off its foundation before being rocked back into the ground.

"It's unreal what went on but thank god we got out of there. Everyone was safe," said Cook.

And just a minute later, Cook says it was over. The wind stopped and the rain moved out. None of the six people inside were harmed.

"That was just, that was the only thing we were worried about--getting our kids out," said Cook.
The damage around the home is evident as trees and houses are damaged throughout the neighborhood.

Cleanup has already started. "Just try to pick up and move on. That's all we can do," said Cook.

And be thankful that everyone he loves is still safe. The EMA director says that stretch on Belcher Circle is the hardest hit area in Grady County,  but storm reports were called in all across the county.

Georgia State Troopers in Grady County spent much of the morning patrolling the roads, even during storm warnings. Crews cleaned up several spots where trees covered roads.  The storms swept through Grady County around 2:00AM.

Troopers say protecting the public is the most important thing they do.   "These trees fall on these highways and these county roads and people come up on them before they realize so we want to try and identify these trees, put troopers on the locations until fire departments and road departments can get there to get the roadways back open," said Georgia State Patrol Sgt. Tommy Peeples.

It's unclear at this time how many trees were knocked down and how many people lost power.

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