Lee Commission meets to determine Co. Manager finalist

Lee Commission meets to determine Co. Manager finalist
The Lee County Commission plans to have at least one County Manager finalist named after Tuesday's meeting.
Lee Chairman Rick Muggridge
Lee Chairman Rick Muggridge

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - The expectation was for at least one County Manager finalist to be named at the at Tuesday's Lee County Commission meeting.

The commission abruptly fired the county manager in November and started a search for a person to run one of our region's fastest growing communities.

And, without a county manager, many important decisions, like whether to privatize EMS services, have been put on hold.

"I anticipate their will be enough consensus to name a finalist tonight," said Lee Chairman Rick Muggridge.

A finalist to replace Ron Rabun, Lee County's manager who was fired in November for "repeated gross abuses" of county ordinances.

Muggridge explained, "I think of all the things I can do as a commissioner this may be the most important."

Chairman Muggridge said he is looking for a county manager who will stick around for the long haul, "frankly, that seems to be the nature of the beast, if you look around the average tenure of a county manager is not very long, that is why it was so important for us to look pretty local here."

It's possible that the four remaining candidates will be familiar names.

But the new county manager will face many urgent decisions, like whether to privatize EMS services, a hotly debated issue.

"There is a desire in the county to retain those personnel, to not privatize that service, the way you don't privatize you become more cost effective or you improve the service," said Muggridge.

And Chairman Muggridge said that these are issues that the new County Manager will have to dig into, and help lead.

If a finalist, or several finalists, for the county manager are named, the county commission will wait the required 15 days for public input before offering someone the job.

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