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Scam Season Warning


 The Dougherty County Sheriff's Office warns that scam season is here.
The Sheriff and the I-R-S say scammers are working hard to rip you off.
The I.R.S. reports it has seen a 400% surge in phishing and malware incidents so far this tax season.  The Dougherty County Sheriff's Office says they are seeing con artists target senior citizens, especially widows.

The 2016 tax season has brought an avalanche of tax schemes and scams, by phone, on line, even social media.
Dougherty County Sheriff's Office Captain Craig Dodd said "Mainly the IRS Scam is coming out. It's been out really for probably a month now.  But we just started getting a lot more calls."
The IRS scam is nothing new, but Investigators say people keep falling for it.  The crooks call or email, claiming they are from the IRS. They say you owe money and will be arrested if you don't immediately send money. Don't fall for it.
Dodd said "It's very simple. The IRS does not contact you by telephone.  The IRS does not contact you by email. They send you a formal letter."
Investigators warn that the crooks are targeting the most vulnerable senior citizens.
Dodd said "And especially widows.  They do check obituaries on line and widows in an area. They will call widows especially."
Investigators say if you get a call saying it's from the IRS, or your local Sheriff's Office saying you owe back taxes, just hang up.  It's a scam.  It sounds simple, but Investigators say the crooks keep doing these schemes because people keep falling for them, losing their money.
government can infect your computer and allow criminals access to your files.
This is a link to the real IRS website, with their latest information about tax scams.

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