Testimony continues in Keontay Miller murder trial

Testimony continues in Keontay Miller murder trial
The D. A. shows the pistol to Investigator Brian Smith
The D. A. shows the pistol to Investigator Brian Smith

CORDELE, GA (WALB) - Miller is charged with gunning down Tellis Fort outside his home around 10 o'clock on May 14th of last year.

Prosecutors continue to poke holes in Keontay Miller's alibi about where he was at the time of the crime.

Jurors have heard most recently from Cell phone experts, speaking about the location of miller's phone around the time of the crime.

As they talked about Miller's capture and cooperation, attorney pointed out that the defendant didn't run from police and gave a voluntary statement.

Keontay Miller stoically watched as a GBI crime scene specialist detailed the crime scene on South 12th street where Tellis Fort was shot. The jury saw two guns found nearby in a vacant lot including the one that prosecutors say killed Fort.

Agent Bryan Smith testified to particular tests that were done on several subjects at the scene including gun shot residue tests.

"We're talking about that cloud of lead, barium and antimony that basically puffs up when a gun is fired," he said. "Those tests are only accepted if they're taken within 8 to 12 hours of a gun being fired."

The tests scientifically eliminated two potential witnesses but were unable to be performed on Miller due to time. Smith contrasted that test with the buckle swab that *was* done on Miller the day after the shooting.

"When you swab the inside of someone's mouth to get saliva which contains a lot of DNA, that's stable as long as it's preserved at semi room temperature."

Jurors also heard from the GBI firearm examiner. She concluded from test fires and the bullet found in Fort that the Jimenez .280 is what was used to shoot Fort.

The GBI medical examiner briefly testified as well. She spoke on the autopsy and says that fort died from a gunshot wound and internal bleeding.

Much of the testimony today centered on Miller's phone records and picking apart his initial alibi that he was at a home outside of Cordele by 9:00 PM.

The state showed phone calls and text messages they said were from Miller asking for a ride to that home at 11:00PM, after the crime and well after 9:00 PM when they said they were there.

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