Billion dollar CEO recognized in Hall of Fame

Billion dollar CEO recognized in Hall of Fame
Ron Hill
Ron Hill

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - A Thomasville native who is now the CEO of a billion dollar company, was honored at his old elementary school. CEO Ron Hill says he's proud to be recognized into the Hall of Fame at Harper Elementary School.

Every two years, Harper Elementary School nominates former students who have excelled in their careers.

The latest Hall of Fame inductee is the CEO of Goodman Networks, Ron Hill.

"I grew up in Thomasville Georgia and if you could imagine I grew up at Harper Elementary School and realizing as a child I had no idea I would end up in a corporate board room," said Hill.

Hill took his talents from Thomasville to Wall Street.

"I think when I'm in a board room I'm thinking more about the people than I am the company," said Hill.

Now he's leading a billion dollar company that designs, builds, and maintains wireless networks.

"Now that doesn't sound good always with the share holders but somehow the shareholders have begun to embrace that. They've watched the company grow from $29,000,000 to $290,000,000 to $1.3,000,000,000 so somehow its working."

Hill received an award at Harper Elementary, as well as a plaque that will hang in the halls with other Hall of Fame recipients.

Hill says his spiritual connection with God has motivated him to get where he is today, and he's thankful to be awarded in his hometown.

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