Moody releases bombing run video

Moody releases bombing run video

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - The Grand Bay Range was full of activity Thursday, as the Air Force conducted practice bombing runs with several types of aircraft.

Friday, the Air Force released a video showing some of what the combat teams were doing in the skies over Lowndes and Lanier County.

Aircraft that take part in the annual training, include F/A-18 Fighters, HH-60G helicopters, C-130Ps, and A-10C Warthogs, assigned to Moody.  The Air Force says that all military training occurs within the military aerial operating area and do not fly below altitudes approved by the Federal Aviation Administration and the Department of Defense.

Grand Bay Range is located east of Moody Air Force Base in Lanier and Lowndes counties.  The 49th Flying Training Squadron uses Moody's military operating areas for air-to-air training and the Grand Bay bombing range for air-to-ground training.

The Grand Bay Range hosts Gunsmoke, an Air Combat Command wide bomb competition, yearly.

The Grand Bay Wildlife Management Area is is the second largest natural blackwater wetland in the Coastal Plain of Georgia, and scientists think it was created by showers of meteors. It is the second largest cypress-blackgum bay in Georgia, after the Okefenokee Swamp.

Grand Bay was created in 1968.

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