Terrell Co. man convicted of sexual molestation

Terrell Co. man convicted of sexual molestation

DAWSON, GA (WALB) - A jury returned guilty verdicts in the trial of a man accused of molesting and raping two children.

Milton Johnson was convicted by a Terrell County jury on more than a dozen counts of sexual molestation and related charges.

Prosecutors say he used a child as a sexual object for himself and other adults.

It took jurors two hours to convict Milton Johnson on 17 counts, including rape, aggravated sexual battery and child molestation.

Passionate testimony filled the court from Prosecutor Ron Smith Thursday, who says the female victim was first raped by defendant Milton Johnson at age 11.

"When she walked in the room, he grabbed her, he pushed her on the bed, he forcefully took her clothes off," Smith described to the jury.

Defense Attorney Johnnie Graham argued the state didn't have serious evidence for the serious case.

Graham says the defendant's ex-girlfriend Takieya Johnson, who was a key witness, changed her testimony only when she brokered a deal with the state for probation on a child molestation charge.

"Provided she comes in and tells the truth," Graham stated. "What is the truth? Cause you have lied so many times."

But, even Graham didn't say much in her closing argument about the compelling testimony from the female victim.

"You don't see this child hurting and crying. You don't see this child since she was 11 years old used and manipulated by that man," Smith said.

The prosecutor says Johnson is the ring-leader, and that years of a swinging lifestyle, filming sex tapes and pornography changed Johnson into a manipulative predator. And that like in the Garden of Eden, the blooming young girl became the forbidden fruit.

"He got so depraved, so deprived, he took that bite, he took that child, he took that life," Smith closed.

Dawson's Mayor, Christopher Wright, has been implicated in the case.

Yesterday, the female victim testified that Wright, before he became Mayor, had sexual intercourse with her when she was 12 years old.

On Thursday, Prosecutor Ron Smith told jurors that he "will bring criminal charges on Chris Wright to a grand jury when he has more evidence."

He also said the case "is not about Christopher Wright, it is about a manipulator, a predator: Milton Johnson".

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