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Jury begins deliberations in Johnson child sex trial

Attorney Johnnie Graham Attorney Johnnie Graham
Judge Joe Bishop Judge Joe Bishop
Prosecutor Ron Smith Prosecutor Ron Smith

A Terrell County jury is now deliberating the sexual molestation case against Milton Johnson.

For an hour, Defense attorney Johnnie Graham poked holes in the state's case. She says her client, Milton Johnson, who didn't take the stand, shouldn't be judged for not defending himself. 

Graham says the state's two key witnesses, the defendant's ex-wife and ex-girlfriend, are proven liars, and shouldn't be believed now, especially because they have been given a deal by the state.

Prosecutor Ron Smith, however, says that while the women both were given probation and sex offender status to testify, it was necessary so the main ring-leader, Milton Johnson, will be held responsible.

Smith says the emotional testimony given by the now 17-year-old victim told of multiple rapes and sexual acts with Milton Johnson. Smith also showed graphic photos of the young girl, at age 11 and 12, in various disturbing sexual poses and activities, taken by the defendant.

Smith also says the child described accurately unusual qualities to the defendant's private parts that she otherwise wouldn't know. 

Smith also says a letter an FBI analyst says was written by the defendant in March 2014 was a confession by Johnson, admitting to sex with the female child, and asking for forgiveness.

The defense, however, argues there is no definitive physical proof that Johnson raped the girl, or fondled the boy.

The defense suggested in closing that perhaps the ex-girlfriend wrote the letter.

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